There has been a great advancement in building of container ships all over the world today. Many companies have come up with bigger and better container ships over time. The larger container ships are devised to accommodate large amount of goods at once. This article will cover the top ten largest container ships all over the world.

10. Emma Maersk

This is an E-class container ship owned by the A. P. Moller-Maersk group. It was manufactured in 2004 and has a capacity of 14770 TEU.

9. CMA CGM Marco Polo

This is a container ship registered in the UK, it has a capacity of 16020 TEU an improvement from Emma Maersk and is 400m in length.

8.CMA CGM Vasco Da Gama

This is an explorer container ship named after the Portuguese explorer Vasco Da Gama. It has a capacity of 17865 TEU and was manufactured in July 2015.

7.CMA CGM Benjamin Franklin

Like the Vasco da Gama container ship, the Benjamin Franklin is named after the man considered the founding fathers of the United States. It is 399.2m in length and has a capacity of 18000 TEU.

6. Madison Maersk

This is among the very largest container ships in the world, it was manufactured in 2014 by the Daewoo shipbuilding & marine engineering. It has a more powerful engine, which results into more propulsion. It has a capacity of 18270 TEU.

5. MSC New York

This is a ship measuring 399metres in length with an overall beam of 54 meters. It sails under the flag of panama and was manufactured in 2014. It has a capacity of 18270 TEU

4.Magleby Maersk

This ship is owned by AP Moller Maersk who is a Danish ship owner owning many ships. It is classified in the triple E-Class with a capacity of 18270 TEU. It was manufactured at the Daewoo shipbuilding & marine engineering shipyard.


This is a ship classified as ultra large container ship. It is owned by the united Arab shipping company and was manufactured in SouthKorea. It emits carbon, which is lower than the different Maersk EEE class ships, which makes it environmental friendly.


It is one in the five container ships that are destined for the Asia-Europe route It is owned by the china-shipping container lines commonly referred to as CSCL. It has a capacity of 19100 TEU and was launched in November of 2014.


This is the container ship currently holding the record of the largest container ship in the world. It has a capacity of 19224TEU.

Container ships are very expensive and that is why they are owned by transport companies.

Are You On A Tour? Here Is How You Find a Top Restaurant

What makes a trip memorable? Some will say that’s it’s what you see, the people you meet and the general experience. I will say it’s all about the food you eat. Right or wrong? No comments, I know you just agreed with me. When on an empty stomach, nothing else seems important as your entire systems are focused on how to get something to the mouth. But how do you get full in the first place. Let’s start there. You are in a strange country where people do things in a different way. You will definitely hesitate to get into any other restaurant and order food. That’s humanity. I would be surprised if you didn’t do that. Getting is right from the beginning is the best approach. Here is the catch.

  1. Plan before time

To earn respect in a strange city or country, you will have to travel there before the real travel. By that I mean you research. Get to know what people there eat and if you are compatible with it. How they take their meals is also important as you will be on the right side of etiquette. You don’t have to wait until you get super hungry to pick a restaurant. You won’t have much of an option to pick the best hotel yet as your body is pushing right into it. Taking a tour online will help you get familiar with the best eating houses at your destined locations. Reaching there early enough can also help to get you into the real deal.

  1. Bloggers are there to help you out

Every city has its well pronounced bloggers. These are the people who write about the lifestyle of people and what’s trending. Local food bloggers focus on Vancouver’s best seafood restaurant Well, don’t assume them. They will spit the real truth and the secrets of restaurants situated at the local region. At least you will grab a clue or two about the pitfalls. If you find a restaurant being praised severally by several local bloggers, consider writing down its address.

  1. Request for help from locals

Well, you might know stuff about your area, but you got to leave the locals be your experts once you land there. Be sure that you will not get a silly answer by asking for a referral. Your taxi driver is resourceful CRFA for that for example.

  1. Food related apps

These days, things are much simplified. You don’t have to go asking for recommendations from person to person. Why not do it online? Consider posting a tweet or a post on Facebook asking for help. You might get a responsive user who is based on your destined location. And that, will help. Certain apps can also lead you to best restaurants e.g. TripAdvisor.

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